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  • We start with your goals, we build programmes to meet your goals, and we end with your goals
  • Typically, that includes financial objectives – and we’re enthusiastic about building models to explore the implications for your commercial KPIs
  • We also understand the role of big data: and we have wide experience in using data-driven insights to shape business decisions
  • Where technology and systems solutions are called for, we’re agnostic: we don’t have proprietary products to sell. But we have helped many companies select their suppliers
  • For us, everything starts with the customer: meet their needs, and everything else falls into place
  • We are intensely pragmatic: rolling our sleeves up and getting things done is a lot of what clients ask of us


But we also think it’s important to stand back and consider the context, assess the trends, express an opinion. As a sample of our thinking, please take a look at the articles below:

RIP REWARDS – May 2015 Big changes are under way in the world of rewards. Does this mean the end for loyalty programmes?

THE BANKER’S DILEMMA – December 2014  Building a successful bank with clicks and bricks

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON – November 2014 Are Britain’s banks broken? Or are they over the worst of it?

THE NEXT BIG THING – October 2014 Profit pressures make it tough to fund card rewards programmes. But some banks are dusting off an approach which may change all that.

LOOK BOTH WAYS – July 2014 Increasing polarisation of incomes, stubborn unemployment: where should managers look to find growth opportunities?

RISKY BUSINESS – May 2014 How good is your security? Recent events in the financial services world have shown how vulnerable even the largest players can be. They’ve also shown that the smartest techies can be fooled.

WINDS OF CHANGE – April 2014 Pity the poor banker: if the financial crisis hadn’t been enough to turn the industry upside down, here come bold new entrants, new currencies, new payment methods…

DOUBLE TROUBLE – February 2014 Is technology an ally or an enemy? How to cope with collapsing interchange? The financial services industry faces existential challenges.

BLOWING SMOKE – August 2013 Payment cards have a value, for consumers and merchants alike. But the European Commission chooses not to see it…